Policy on Handling Personal Information

In order to provide appropriate privacy protection for customers, users, etc., AstroArts Inc. (“AstroArts”) shall handle information that can easily identify a specific individual such as a customer or other individual (“Personal Information”) in accordance with the following policy.

1. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

(1) AstroArts collects and uses customer Personal Information for the purpose of carrying out publishing, product sales, and the provision of service between customers and AstroArts, as well as for providing information on related new products and/or services. The main purposes for which collected Personal Information is used are as follows. In the event that Personal Information is to be used for any other specific purpose, AstroArts will explicitly identify such purpose prior to collecting such Personal Information.

When a customer registers a product or service or when AstroArts provides a service
In order to confirm requests for product user registration, serviceuser registration; and to provide requested services
When a customer responds to an AstroArts survey
In order to analyze survey responses and publicize survey results; in order to utilize results for planning and creating AstroArts publications, products and services; and in order to send rewards to customers
When a customer responds for a prize or contest
In order to select winners; in order to send rewards to winners; to confirm that rewards were sent; in order to search if there are any double counted winner(s)
When a customer orders an AstroArts product
In order to confirm an order on the on-line website; in order to send an ordered product

(2) AstroArts collects Personal Information from users of the AstroArts website (“Our Website”), the AstroArts software and the AstroArts services via mobile phone, etc. (collectively “Our Website, Etc.”) in an indirect way (for example, when a user accesses Our Website, the user's IP address will be recorded) or in a direct way (for example, a user may provide his/her Personal Information to AstroArts directly).

In order to analyze usage of Our Website and to improve Our Website, Our Website, Etc. may use Cookies on some pages. AstroArts shall not use such Cookies to identify users, but only for collecting statistics.

AstroArts may collect and utilize user location information in order to provide astronomical information such as celestial position as part of the service that we provide, and to improve the quality of our services. AstroArts will utilize such location information to the extent necessary to provide our services and will not use such location information to identify any individual. Users may decline to transmit their location information by making the appropriate changes in their devices.

* Cookies are information that is exchanged between a web server and a customer's browser and can be stored as a file on a user's computer memory device (such as hard drive).

(3) Our Website uses Google Analytics Service in order to understand how Our Website are used. In order to understand how Google Analytics collects and processes data, please refer https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/.

(4) AstroArts obtains and uses its employee Personal Information for the purpose of employment and personnel management.

(5) Personal Information that was collected in the manner specified in items (1) through (4) may be used (a) for the purpose of improving AstroArts products and services or to disclose statistical data to a third party after creating statistical data that excludes information which could be used to identify a specific person, or (b) for the purpose of informing customers of new products or services (either those of AstroArts or of other parties).

2. Personal Information Use, Maintenance and Security Control Measures

(1) Unless otherwise required by law or regulations, AstroArts, without the prior consent of the customer, shall not use collected Personal Information for any purpose other than those that are specified in advance.

(2) When altering the purpose(s) of the use of Personal Information, AstroArts will inform the customer(s) involved in advance of such purpose(s) or publicly announce such purpose(s). In the event that a customer does not agree to such altered purpose(s), he/she may refuse to allow the Personal Information which he/she has already submitted to be used for the new purpose(s).

(3) In compliance with “the Guidelines Concerning the Act on the Protection of Personal Information” specified by the Personal Information Protection Commission, AstroArts shall take all or a portion of the systemic, human, physical, and technical security control measures necessary to prevent unlawful access to, or the loss, damage, distortion, leakage, etc. of Personal Information that AstroArts handles. Furthermore, to be prepared for the occurrence of an accident, AstroArts shall establish a system to preserve evidence and identify the cause and, at the same time, in the event of an accident, AstroArts will take swift and appropriate actions to prevent the recurrence of such accident and make maximum effort to correct the situation.

3. Observance of Laws and Guidelines

In order to protect the Personal Information that we collect and use, AstroArts shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the various Guidelines, etc. based on this Act. AstroArts shall create internal rules and other compliance programs to comply with the Act and Guidelines, and ensure that its directors, operating officers and employees comply with such rules.

4. Declaration of Continuous Improvement in Our Compliance Programs

From time to time, AstroArts may review the suitability of this Policy, its rules for the protection of Personal Information, and its compliance programs, and may revise any of them in full or in part. Should any revisions be made, AstroArts will note them in this Policy and spell them out on its homepage.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

With the exception of the following cases, AstroArts shall never disclose or provide Personal Information obtained from its customers to any third party without the prior consent of the customer.

  • When AstroArts contracts with a third party to handle Personal Information in order to accomplish a usage purpose
  • When AstroArts confirms settlement information with a financial institution at the time an order is placed
  • When AstroArts's business is transferred due to merger, corporate division, business transfer or other similar situation
  • When required by law

When a third party is contracted to handle Personal Information, AstroArts shall be responsible for supervising such third party.

6. Warning about Third Party Websites linked from Our Website, Etc.

AstroArts does not take responsibility for handling of Personal Information that a user provides on a third party website linked from Our Website, Etc.. Please refer to each third party's policy about how they handle personal information.

7. Contact for Inquiries or Complaints

For complaints about AstroArts, questions about this policy or the procedure and fees for requesting disclosure of Personal Information held by AstroArts, please send an email message to “privacy-policy@astroarts.co.jp”. Include your name, address, email address for reply, and the details of your complaint or inquiry. AstroArts shall use the Personal Information of the person making such complaint or inquiry only for the purpose of identifying the person making such inquiry and for responding to such complaint or inquiry. Please note that, before responding to any inquiry, AstroArts may ask some questions or ask for the submission of documents in order to confirm the identity of the person making such inquiry.

We prefer to receive inquiries by email, but if you need to contact us by regular mail or phone, please refer to the following:

For Mail:
General Affairs Department
AstroArts Inc.
1st Floor, Tomigaya Ogawa Building
2-41-12 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063 Japan
For Phone:

8. Revision of This Privacy Policy

Upon the provision of advance notice, AstroArts may revise this privacy policy in the event of revisions to Act on the Protection of Personal Information, revisions to related guidelines, or changes in how we handle personal information.

9. Issuing Date and Revision Date

This policy was issued on March 31, 2005.

This policy was revised in part on May 23, 2016.

This policy was revised in part on July 27, 2020.

This policy was created in accordance with the laws of Japan.