SmartStellar: Planisphere App for Smartphone

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SmartStellar Star chart sample display Go stargazing wherever and whenever you like with SmartStellar!

SmartStellar is planetarium software by which you can simulate the starry sky anytime and anywhere. Its touch interface provides smooth operation. Models with electronic compass and accelerometer, the starry sky on the screen and holding the head in the direction toward the device. Its guided by an arrow when searching for an object. The GPS-equipped models also supported the acquisition of location information. Also on the road quickly, accurately reproduce the beautiful starry sky.

Essential Features

  • Date (1900-2099) and place setting, simulate the starry sky
  • The GPS-equipped models to obtain location information set the location
  • Sun, Moon, Planet, more than 42,000 stars, major nebulae and star clusters display
  • Display of animation
  • Display of the starry sky in the direction toward the device
    (Models with electronic compass and accelerometer only)
  • Searchable object
  • Search the direction of objects navigation
    (Models with electronic compass and accelerometer only)


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