Xplns Ver.3.3
Astronomy Simulation

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Ver.3.3.1 Rel.1 (Oct. 6, 2003)

RedHat Linux (glibc 2.1/2.2/2.3) i386
Exec(glibc2.1) xplns-3.3.1-1glibc21.i386.rpm (Oct. 6, 2003)
Exec(glibc2.2) xplns-3.3.1-1glibc22.i386.rpm (Oct. 6, 2003)
Exec(glibc2.3) xplns-3.3.1-1glibc23.i386.rpm (Oct. 6, 2003)
Star data xplns-cat-3.3.1-1.i386.rpm (Oct. 6, 2003)
Orbital element xplns-elm-3.3.1-1.i386.rpm (Oct. 6, 2003)
Image data xplns-img-3.3.1-1.i386.rpm (Oct. 6, 2003)

Slackware 3.X (libc5) i386
Executable xplns-3.3.1-1-linux.tar.gz (Oct. 6, 2003)
Star data xplns-cat-3.3.1-1-linux.tar.gz (Oct. 6, 2003)
Orbital element xplns-elm-3.3.1-1-linux.tar.gz (Oct. 6, 2003)
Image data xplns-img-3.3.1-1-linux.tar.gz (Oct. 6, 2003)

FreeBSD 4.X (ELF) i386
Executable xplns-3.3.1-1.tgz (Oct. 6, 2003)
Star data xplns-cat-3.3.1-1.tgz (Oct. 6, 2003)
Orbital element xplns-elm-3.3.1-1.tgz (Oct. 6, 2003)
Image data xplns-img-3.3.1-1.tgz (Oct. 6, 2003)

Solaris 9 (Sparc)
Package xplns-3.3.1-solaris9-sparc.pkg.gz (Apr. 14, 2004)

* Download the packages suitable for your system.
* Package contents:

- Executable package
Required package to run Xplns.

- Star data package
This package includes SAO star catalog and GSC index data file. To display stars in GSC, you need GSC CD-ROM.

- Orbital element package
This package is required to display comets or minor planets.

- Image data package
This package is required if you want to display images by "image" button on the "Object Information" box.
* Read README to know how to install.
* I think you can install on Debian/GNU Linux with alien.

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